Is the Dominican life right for you?

Dominic thought of gathering from pious and devout lay people a certain sacred militia which would defend the rights of the Church and resist heresy with vigor. Hence arose the Third Order of the Dominicans which, spreading among lay people the institute of a more perfect life, was to be a truly great ornament and defense to the Church.” -Pope Benedict XV Fausto Appentente Die

Discernment is a step by step process that occurs over the course of many years. Part of the discernment process, is to ask, consider, and pray about certain questions and considerations regarding the Third Order as a Lay Dominican.  Consider, in no particular order:
1.  Devotion to Our Lord, His Passion, and His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Rosary.
2.  Holiness.  A desire to achieve personal holiness through the Sacramental life is key to the Dominican life.
3.  Truth. Dominicans have a deep love of the Truth.  VERITAS.
4.  Study. A love of study is a charism of the Order of Preachers.
5.  Prayer.  The key to our relationship wiht God is regular and devoted prayer.
6.  Regular Life.  This simply means that a Dominican intends to life a regular prayer and sacramental life.  Under St; Dominic’s Rule for the laity, a Rule does not bind under the penalty of sin if we fail to meet the rule.  It is a walk toward holiness.
        A. Contemplative Prayer.  A love of prayer and the sharing of your contemplative prayer is a vital part of the Dominican Life. 
           B.  Rosary.  A devotion to prayer of the Rosary is key.
7.  Fidelity to the Holy Scriptures, Sacred Tradition, and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church; and, unity within the Church.
8.  Learning and defending the Faith.
9.  Apostolic Life.  You are part of the spread of Truth and of the Gospel to family, friends, and neighbors.
10. A heart and prayer for the poor souls in this life, and prayer for those in Purgatory.
11.  Devotion to the Saints, and in particular Dominican saints